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This page contains links to files I am making available for FTP download. Click on the appropriate link under the Formats section of a file's description to begin downloading.

All downloads are in zip compressed format and can be decompressed using PKZip or WinZip. All file sizes are approximate.


Video showing a small portion of a large manufacturing system converted from Clipper to xBase++: conversion demo.avi

XDemo() - Differences in compile modes of xBase++.

RomanNum() - Integer <-> Roman Numeral.

StartSet() - Clipper initialization procedure.

TagValue() - Tag a value for a table field.

Barcode() - Paint a barcode in dot matrix printer.

Mem2Xpf() - xBase++ procedure that converts Clipper .mem files to .xpf.

IsAppRunning() - Is an xBase++ application already running?

DirTree() - Get all subdirs in a drive or dir.

DelBut() - Delete all but the mask you pass it.

Array2Dbf()/Dbf2Array() - Dbf record <-> Array

XBrow - Database Table Browser/Editor.

Keys - Show status of Caps Lock/Num Lock/Insert on screen.

Memos - Clipper procedure that converts FlexFile .DBV files to FOX .FPT or /and text delimited .CSV file (DEMO)

Distance() - Compute distance in miles or kilometers between two zip codes.

AskYN() - Asks to respond yes or no to a question. Uses eXpress++.

Appsys() - Appsys() and errorsys() for xBase++ VIO (non-GUI) applications.

SendLpt1 - A batch (.bat) file that will re-direct LPT1 to USB or network printer. Setup instructions within batch file.






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This program installs three small programs that demonstrate the differences in xBase++ programs compiled in basic mode (straight Clipper 5.2 conversion), the same program converted to GUI using xBase 1.90 and eXpress++ 1.90, and the same program compiled in xBase 1.90 not in GUI mode. Included are also an uninstall procedure, a program to view the source code, and all the source code.

Format: .exe (8.1mb)
Last updated: August 16, 2011.


This Clipper utility allows you to convert an integer up to 3999 to a roman numeral and viceversa.  Example usage: 

RomanNum(1998) // returns MCMXCVIII
RomanNum("mmmdxliii") // returns 3543

Format: .zip (1.5k)
Last updated: June 30, 1998.

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This function, if placed at the beginning of a program, will save the beginning screen and colors to static variables. It also sets century and epoch, solving the Y2K problem. The next time it is executed, it restores the information saved to static Variables, restores the beginning screen, and quits the application with the DOS errorlevel of your choice.

Format: .zip (1.5k)
Last updated: June 30, 1998.

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This function allows you to tag a field value in the current open table or another openned Table.

Format: .zip (1.03k)
Last updated: June 30, 1998.

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This function allows you to print a barcode in most dot matrix printers.

Format: .zip (1.5k)
Last updated: June 30, 1998.

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This function allows you to convert Clipper .mem files to xBase++ .xpf files.

Format: .zip (0.4k)
Last updated: January 29, 2002.

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This function allows you to switch to an already executing procedure by passing to it the window title or the .exe name. xBase++.

Format: .zip (24.2k)
Last updated: June 3, 2003.

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This function allows you to get all the subdirectory names in a disk drive or directory. xBase++ or Clipper.

Format: .zip (0.9k)
Last updated: June 2, 2003.

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This function allows you to delete all the files in a directory with the exception of the files passed to the function as a parameter. xBase++.

Format: .zip (1.6k)
Last updated: June 6, 2003.

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Array2Dbf() and Dbf2Array()

This function allows you copy a dbf record to an array and viceversa regardless if the tables are dissimilar with some identical fields. Clipper and xBase++.

Format: .zip (.78k)
Last updated: Dec. 16, 2003.

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This procedure allows you to Browse/Edit a database table. It allows the user to do just about anything he/she would want to do with a database table. Includes install/uninstall program. The initial password is 7041776. Available in setup.exe file. Will not release source code. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Format: .exe (12 MB)
Last updated: Mar. 27, 2008.

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I have a wireless keyboard that does not show the status of Caps Lock, Num Lock and Insert keys, so I wrote an xBase++ program that will display this information on the screen. Can be customized, has a setup/uninstall program, and is free.

Format: .exe (10 MB)
Last updated: Sept. 13, 2009.

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Convert FlexFile .DBV files to Foxbase .FPT or into character fields. Optionally creates a text delimited .CSV file containing memos. Also includes a convert procedure that allows converting most tables to a different format. (DEMO. Full-version sells for $100).

Format: setup.exe (177K bytes)
Last updated: August 3, 2012.

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Compute the distance between two zip codes in miles or kilometers.

Format: distance.txt (3K bytes)
Last updated: May 26, 2017.

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Asks the user to respond Yes or No to a question. Uses eXpress++.

Format: askyn.txt (694 bytes)
Last updated: May 26, 2017.

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Appsys() and errorsys() with the ability to email error using see4xb from For VIO (NON-GUI) applications.

Format: (8K bytes)
Last updated: May 26, 2017.

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A batch file that Re-directs LPT1: to an USB or Network printer.

Format: (1583 bytes)
Last updated: July 7, 2018.

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